Life events and unforeseen circumstances can trigger a multitude of emotions, some of them extreme. Yet, while the human spirit can be fragile, it can with proper care and attention also be very resilient!

• Anger

Anger is a strong emotion. It can be frightening, for both the one receiving it and the one experiencing it. If you struggle with anger, help is here. Allow us to help you process and express your emotions in a healthy manner.

• Anxiety

Worry, nervousness, fear or apprehension can affect and impair how we feel and behave. Anxiety occurs when these emotions manifest real physical symptoms. We want to help you understand the underpinnings of anxiety and better cope with both your emotions and physiological reactions.

• Depression

Almost anyone can experience depression if there are sufficient stressors in sufficient intensity occurring at any point in their life. Depression can make life seem dark, scary, hopeless, and even, not worth living. Let us be that someone else to help you identify and change the underlying thinking patterns towards healing.

• Crisis & Trauma

When crisis hits, each individual can differ in their response to the extreme and insurmountable circumstances. Often our response to a traumatic event involves our emotions, behaviour, mind and body. Let us walk with you as you make sense of the situation and arrive at some necessary choices which may involve pain, risk, moral issues and sacrifice.

• Grief & Loss

Grief occurs with the loss of anything of significance – eg, losing a spouse, a baby, a job, or a pet. No matter what the loss, grieving is the process by which we move from loss to acceptance. We want to support you through the grief, and help you in the right time to lift that shadow, regain your bearings and move on.

• Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is linked to various mental health issues and physical ill-health. However, self-esteem is also easily built and when strong, serves as an effective buffer against negative life events. We aim to support your journey into wholeness through self-acceptance and confidence building.

• Stress

Singapore is one of the most stressful places in the world. Some stress is good in pushing us to excel and achieve, but excessive stress can cause us to live in a constant state of rush and pressure such that performance and relationships are affected. We aim to help you find your way back to a state of balance.

• Suicide

While it is quite normal for a person to think about dying at some point in their life, recurring or obsessive thoughts about purposely ending one’s own life signals a critical, immediate need to get help. Allow us to reach out to you to help address the situation!