Life Issues

Let’s face it – life isn’t a bed of roses. In fact, life can sometimes throw us a curve ball. The good news is that, if handled appropriately, obstacles can be overcome or, at the very least, managed for personal development.

Personal Growth

Any change we hope to effect in the world and in others often begins with our self. In a modern world that’s moving at the pace of the Internet, we may find it challenging to catch up and cope, much less grow and thrive. We work with you to develop your personalized development plan and follow-up coaching that helps you find your bearings so that you can know your life’s direction and fulfil your purpose.


Life circumstances and our family of origin can impose hurts on us. Regardless of whether they were warranted, such hurts can become excess baggage that hampers us in our life journey. As such, we want to help you find healing and wholeness, get back on life’s track and move on to being a better person and living a fuller life.

Career Transition

Career changes can come in the form of a reassignment of roles, change in portfolio, promotion, job resizing, posting, relocation, retrenchment and career switch. Whatever the circumstances that led to the transition, the change in itself can be unnerving, especially for the unprepared. The Compass can help equip and support you through the decisions that need to be made.

Job Coaching

Given the pace and scope of our information-saturated world today, our job can also become multi-faceted and every-changing. Perhaps your challenge on the job is in trying to find some work-life balance, or coping with the daily demands and deadlines. The Compass aims to help you find the direction you need for job satisfaction and performance.

Life Stages

It’s said that there’s nothing constant about life except change. That can be pretty unnerving if you are transiting from one phase of life to another, whether that be from swinging singlehood to married life, becoming a (grand)parent, or relocating to a another country. Let us come alongside you to ease and manage those transitions and changes.


Growing old – like growing up – is a fact of life. But ageing does not have to take a toll on the quality of life. We want to walk with you to age gracefully by helping you realize your continued potential for physical, social and mental wellbeing; optimize opportunities for active participation in the community and society; and maintain autonomy and independence in living.


It can be devastating to watch our loved ones decline in health and confidence due to old age or sickness. This can be exacerbated if we are caring for both an aging parent and our own children, while facing the financial and career challenges of mid-life. We aim to help you assess your caregiving situation, capitalize on your resources, determine your limitations and set boundaries for self-care.


Going into retirement is a significant life change that we might not be fully prepared for. Even if we’ve planned for it financially, we may not expect the implications it has on us mentally and socially. Allow us to come alongside you to help prepare for the life transition, including helping you prepare those around you who will feel the effects of your retirement.