Relationships are at the same time wonderful and exasperating! Given the complexity of differences between humans and the frailty of mankind, it’s not uncommon to face challenges in our interactions with others, especially those closest to us.

• Communication

Communication is a critical life-skill that takes a lifetime to hone. If you find miscommunication and misunderstanding to be a trait of many of your relationships at home, at work and with friends, we want to help you improve and enhance your ability to connect, accept and relate, especially with significant others.

• Conflicts

So long as relationships involve imperfect human beings, conflicts are bound to arise. Thankfully, it’s not the absence of conflict but the ability to deal with conflict that makes a great relationship. We offer personal coaching in conflict management for conflicted parties.

• Interpersonal

The very relationships that can bring the most joy and fulfilment are also the ones that can work up the most frustration, anger, and pain. We can help you to understand the dynamics of the relationship, recognize the triggers, garner the ability to view things from different perspectives in order to improve relationships.

• Marital Wellbeing

Good marriages don’t just happen. Whether marrying for the first time or remarrying after divorce or death, taking time to prepare for your life together is a valuable activity. We desire to help with premarital and marital issues that may be obstacles tos making your marriage strong, lasting and healthy.

• Infidelity & Affair Recovery

An affair destroys a marriage, a family, and all those connected to it. Marital trust is shattered; the betrayal is excruciating; life has been unalterably changed. Yet, an affair does not have to signal the end of the marriage, but can be the starting point of something better. We are here to help you work through all the implications of marital infidelity.

• Separation & Divorce

No one goes into marriage thinking they are the ones who won’t make it “till death do us part”. But the harsh reality is that you may find yourself leaving or being the one left alone in marriage. We hope to support you as you make sense of the situation and deal with rejection, embarrassment, pain, and the practical repercussions on the children and family.

• Parenting

Children are such a joy, but can also become a daily pain. Whether it’s dealing with a strong-willed child or an estranged and angsty teenager, allow us to help you put the joy back into parenting and deal with the practical challenges of discipline, communication and childrearing.

• Family

Family is considered to the #1 priority of many, yet often, the stresses of life put a strain on family relationships. We can help mediate familial conflict and put you on a path of bringing restoration and enhancement to the blood ties that are supposed to bind our kin.